Think of me as a repository of INFP wisdom.

I am here to help all INFPs, all the whimsical dreamers of the world, to live the best life they can through sharing my tips and advice.

The personality you have is not an easy one; I know, I’m an INFP myself. Sure, no-one under this sun has it easy, but you and I both know the struggles that are endemic to our personality type. That is something I need not remind you of.

We must not restrict ourselves to four measly letters, but those four letters, as I’ve found throughout my self-journey as an INFP, can unite thousands, millions of souls across the world. So, I think there’s some validity to the Myer-Briggs personality analysis.

There’s just one thing you must remember: We are wonderful. We truly are, even though the world sometimes find us no more consequential than a handful of butterflies. Through my other blog, where I splash my thoughts with gleeful abandon, I’ve connected with so many INFPs from across the world. We can be the nicest, sweetest, kindest people on this planet.

However, as wonderful as you are, you have your share of INFP faults. Blind spots are easily aligned with one’s personality type. Thus, I hope you find this blog useful for creating the best version of yourself, and growing and maturing, not just as an INFP, but a human being.

My deepest love,



4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve just found your blog and am crying of joy right now for at last someone understands the way my mind works. There are so few people in this wide world who get us truly. Reading your articles made me feel less alone in a cold environment where no one cares about the other’s misery (I’ve just moved to Berlin). I spent most of my days on cemeteries this week, thinking about mortality and life. Especially about my own, what do I want from it? What is it I want to do with it? Your article about career choices opened my eyes again, which are closed far too often.I lay my life down in the hands of the universe, I want to create art, seeing the world how it never has been seen before by human beings. That is what my life has been chosen for. This thought gets clearer and clearer to me by each day that is passing by. Art is my sanity as it was for Van Gogh.
    Thank you for giving me the input I just so dearly needed.
    In Love
    (I am sorry for any wrong spelling or grammatical faults, I am not a native speaker)


    • I’m so, so, so glad I helped you. You can’t imagine how happy that makes me. It feels as though I am making a difference. The point of life is to live for others, to help and connect–thank you for reaching out, for reading, and for making my day. 🙂


  2. After an experience that threw me into emotional chaos and made me realize how much I repressed myself the last few years your blog is just the shining light I needed. What you wrote really resonates with me and will probably help me further find my way back to my inner self. Thank you for that.


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